Who We Are

As Continued strong economic growth in china and in this era of globalization, we need to bridge the gap among Chinese and English or any other Indian native Language, to maintain the pace growth of china dependent projects, for this we provide the Chinese language translation and interpretation services. Our Chinese Language Translators and Interpreters serves in government as well as Industrial sector, the various service dedicated to Chinese language which we serve are, Chinese language translation, Chinese language Business/Commercial/Financial line interpreter, Simultaneous Interpreter, Chinese language business escort, Chinese language tutors, Specialize in Machinery Installation.

What we do

Our commitment to provide dedicated service towards Chinese language, we offer all kinds of Chinese Language solution through our panel of Chinese language Translators and Interpreters. Several Chinese language services which we bring to serve for Chinese Language domain are as follow, Chinese Language Translation, Chinese Language Interpreter, Simultaneous Interpreter for Chinese Language, Chinese Language Business Escort, Chinese Language Tutors, and Business Meeting Interpretation.

Our Proficiency

We always look forward to meet the accurate Translation and Interpretation by providing our perfect services using the skill of our Chinese Language Experts. We have divided our expert team into various unit based on their experience and their skills in Chinese Language as well as their academic background, as our Chinese language experts are not only expert in Chinese language, they are graduate in different streams i.e. we have mix breed of IT-Computer, Commerce, Science, and Management graduates as Chinese Language experts thus we are able to provide a round the globe subject oriented solutions instead of concentrating only on Chinese language translation

Our Work Culture

We believe in the power of “resourceful humans”. Our people are our primary source of competitive advantage and they help us to drive our growth in a planned and efficient manner. We work towards developing a culture that attracts people with multidimensional experiences and skills. First we focus to understand the business needs of our clients by gaining an in-depth knowledge of their industries and delivering solutions by providing our experts to meet the clients need. We continually keep on learning from our already done projects to avoid any kind of technical or oral hurdle.

Client Support

Through our office in Delhi we are serving our customers on the ongoing projects as well as we provide post project service support, we are focused on achieving outstanding customer service metrics and a lot of our business is of the repeat/referral kind. We aim to maintain long term relationships with our customers.

Handling the Time Dimension

The greatest single problem, which people have today is “time poverty”, we understand the value of time for ourselves as well as for our clients, and so before starting any project by keeping this in our mind, we deliver the quality projects within the time frame which we have committed with our client by support of our team of experts.

Meet the Quality

Quality is not just a destination but a journey. We have a quest to work relentlessly towards fulfilling the ever-rising expectations of our clients by conducting periodic self-assessments and by constantly raising the bar and surpassing it. We set high quality standards, benchmarking ourselves against the best of the best, maintaining quality at every stage.